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Premier Spotted & AOV Ocicats

Wild looking domestic Ocicats.

No wild blood, so no wild cat tendencies!

Since 1986, Purrfurdots Ocicats has been breeding healthy, "wild" looking domestic Ocicats without feral tendencies. Ocicats originated in 1964, with a delightful mix of the Abyssinian and Siamese cats with a bit of American shorthair genetics.

When it comes to socializing with people and other pets, Ocicats are dog like; they are very friendly towards other living things. Ocicats are very affectionate, but not clingy. Inquisitive, smart, and fun loving, Ocicats are always instigating fun!

Chocolate Domestic Ocicat

Happy Birthday Jade! - chocolate classic spayed female at 20 years old on 11-3-14

Cats that are good with Children

Ocicats get along great with children!

Quick to learn! Spirit (chocolate silver classic) was potty trained by 7 months old.

Ocicats are available in twelve different colors, in which we often have several from which to choose. Spotted and other varieties can include unique patterns and markings like classics, ticked, ivories, and solids.

CFA Registered Ocicats

Ocicats are the largest of the shorthair breeds registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA). Even though they can be large and robust, Ocicats are healthy, muscular, and agile. Sporting short coats, Ocicats require low-maintenance grooming, as their shedding is minimal and tend to be accepted by owners with allergies.

Purrfurdots offers pet and show Ocicat prospects from Champion, Grand Champion and lines with distinguished merit.

Our Ocicats
We have a selection of sweet-tempered, totally domesticated Ocicat kittens year-round, right here in Pennsylvania. They reside on our premises with all of their parents, eager to accept your attention and love. We offer a one year limited health guarantee on all of our kittens. Unlike other breeds that contain wild blood, our Ocicats will not turn on you, refrain from using the litter box, or have any desire to behave as if they are feral cats.

We often have a nice selection of CFA registered Ocicat kittens at reasonable prices. Effective January 1, 2020 prices will change to $700. We occasionally offer neutered and spayed adults, priced from $100 - $500 depending on age. We can arrange shipping for those in distant locations across the U.S. We can hold kittens with a deposit of $100 until your Ocicat kitten is ready to join your home. If we currently do not have a litter or a kitten meeting you specifications, we can add you to our waiting list to reserve a future Ocicat kitten. Please be aware that Pennsylvania requires us to apply a 6% sales tax to all purchases. (as all of us that are honest must have a tax number, "even if we trade a pumpkin" you must collect sales tax, as stated to me by the IRS!)

Purrfurdots has been lovingly creating "Happy Go Lucky Ocies" for about three decades, and we are proud to bring you CFA registered Ocicats and kittens in great health and full of love. This is why we have ALWAYS received "CFA Cattery of Excellence" Certification at inspection time!

If you're interested in adopting an Ocicat kitten or adult contact us today for more information about our litters!

Cat Print Winter's Windy-ebony
silver ticked female

Purrfurdots Opal's Lightning Bolt-ebony
silver spotted male

Purrfurdots Ebony Domino Dots
Tawny silver spotted male

Purrfurdots Gem's Black Diamonds-ebony
silver spotted female

CH. Purrfurdots Jobeucas River Boy
Tawny spotted male

Purrfurdots Dina's Rosetted Boa
tawny classic neutered male

Purrfurdots Chains Of Black Pearls
tawny spotted neutered male

Milk Chocolate solid kitten

Cat Print Winter's Storm-tawny spotted male

Purrfurdots Chocolate Leopard App
chocolate silver spotted female as a kitten

Purrfurdots Hot Sorrel Dots
Hot chocolate spotted male

Chocolate tabby point Ivory kitten

Purrfurdots Delilah's Sunflower
cinnamon spotted female

Purrfurdots Walnut Dotted Bonjove
Cool chocolate spotted male

Purrfurdots Blue Boy's Possum Dots
blue spotted female

Purrfurdots Double Stuff's Coconut Mounds
cinnamon silver spotted male kitten

Donamae Ocicat Sampson P C
Lavender silver spotted male.

Purrfurdots Marigolds Snap Dragon- young cinnamon spotted male

Purrfurdots Daisy's Sweet Poppy
chocolate ticked female

Cat Print Red Maple Leaf-cinnamon ticked male

Purrfurdots Treasure's Cocoa Pearls
chocolate spotted female

Sofies lavender silver spotted neutered male

Purrfurdots Hoya's Double Stuff-cool chocolate silver spotted female

Margo-chocolate classic spayed female

CD Windhaven Sleepless Night-blue silver spotted female

Chocolate classic ivory kitten

4 solid chocolate newborn kittens-the brownie brigade!

Purrfurdots Cyprisse's Double Dipped-dark chocolate solid female kitten

Ch. Ocivilles Golden Omar of Purrfurdots
chocolate spotted male.

Trudy Cline-Hoffman Ocicat Breeder
254 S. Church
Waynesboro, PA 17268
Located 25 miles west of Gettysburg, PA

(717) 762-7222

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